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Hybrid floors have become an extensively desired flooring option in Gold Coast. And the motivation for this is not surprising at all! They emulate the look and feel of a hardwood floor and present the advantages of being moisture and scratch-resistant, which adds to their longevity. They integrate the benefits of both vinyl and laminate flooring into one revved-up floor.

Hybrid flooring Gold Coast is perfect for practically all rooms due to their waterproof and scratchproof character. You could use it as consistent flooring in your living room, study, bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms. As adaptable as they are, hybrid planks are also painless to install. You could install them over your current floor tiles and enjoy savings on labour and installation costs.

Over & Above Flooring has a great selection of hybrid laminate flooring in various colour options to help you acquire the desired hardwood floor look for your space. You could choose from the warm tones, the rich tones, or even the cooler ones. You could visit any of our showrooms near Gold Coast to browse our extensive range of hybrid flooring. You could also experiment with our waterproof hybrid flooring before deciding on a hybrid flooring installation Gold Coast.

Meanwhile, please look through the information we have assembled below to understand hybrid waterproof flooring satisfactorily and whether it is a good alternative for you.

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Hybrid Floors Gold Coast - How Is It Different?

As cited earlier, hybrid floorboards are an assortment of vinyl and laminate flooring. They are made by moulding numerous layers of PVC and PUR together and adding a surface decorative coating that emulates the look of stone or hardwood floors, using high-resolution, printed imagery.

While the SPC flooring delivers strength, water and crash resistance, on the other hand, the PUR layer adds pigment and scuff resistance, making cleaning easy. All of these donate towards making hybrid flooring Gold Coast among the country’s most favoured floating floor options.

At Over & Above Flooring, we use a 1.5mm high-density rubber acoustic underlay for all our hybrid planks for superior sound absorption, lessened echo, and increased convenience. Hybrid, therefore, is a perfect choice for those preferring the timber flooring appearance but with enhanced characteristics.

Why to Consider Hybrid Flooring Installation Gold Coast?

Hybrid vinyl flooring is among Australia’s most contemporary innovations, as indicated by the many customer reviews in Australia. However, as specialists in this industry, we are confident about the grade of our hybrid flooring planks. Provided its waterproof character and enhanced sturdiness, it will likely be installed all over your interior, including in highly moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, and living areas, for a captivating and consistent look – the toughest floating floor in Australia that makes this possible.

Hybrid floorboards can also be effortlessly installed by our seasoned hybrid flooring installers. Lighter than most other floating floorboards, laying them over existing tiles is effortless, reducing the time and labour on installation. You’d discover this in virtually all hybrid flooring reviews you might read.

We have used it in multiple establishments with extreme success, and these places proudly adorn the beautiful flooring Gold Coast. This is how sure we are about our product! After having employed it for multiple years, this is our hybrid flooring review in Australia:

  • No mark or scratch. Not even one!
  • No deterioration due to moisture, despite people walking in with wet footwear on rainy days!
  • There is no effect on the floor due to temperature instabilities or humidity.

This has got to be among the most significant testimonials for hybrid flooring installation. If you are weighing this option, we invite you to connect with our professionals over a call to discuss your requirements.

Pros & Cons of Hybrid Flooring Gold Coast

Hybrid flooring produces an excellent option for those who like the look of timber or stone floors at a much lesser cost. Not only does it look incredible, it is also swift and easy to install. Besides, it is waterproof, long-lasting, and does not require hefty maintenance, which can be a godsend for homes with children or pets.

Nonetheless, there are also some cons to this alternative:

  • It isn’t as resilient as concrete or tiles and could scuff or dent easily in comparison to those.
  • It has a more susceptible click system.
  • Its colour might wilt when exposed to prolonged periods of harsh sunlight.
  • More costlier than basic vinyl or, laminate flooring.

As with any flooring, it is crucial to check for the quality and certifications of your providers of flooring supplies. We suggest you be extra careful about “hybrid flooring near me” on sale or promotional advertising cheap hybrid flooring in Gold Coast.

Cost of Hybrid Flooring Installation Gold Coast

The hybrid flooring price in Gold Coast would vary depending on multiple aspects, such as the size of the room, the subfloor situation and preparation, whether or not the previous floor needs to be withdrawn, skirting board disposal, and the type of hybrid flooring installation.

At Over & Above Flooring, we have researched various prospects and demonstrated most brands at our showrooms. We welcome you to visit any of our showrooms and analyse our expansive range of hybrid flooring. Our team will happily help you shortlist the most suitable flooring solution for your needs and space.

Our Hybrid Floor Options Include:

Hybrid Flooring Gold Coast - FAQs

Hybrid flooring is adaptable and incorporates the best features of laminate and vinyl flooring. It normally consists of multiple layers, including a tough core, wear layer, and decorative layer, presenting durability, water resistance, and aesthetic allure.

Yes, hybrid flooring is positively regarded for its endurance, water resistance, comfort of installation, and natural wood or stone look. It’s a favoured choice for many households and commercial areas.

Yes, hybrid flooring is waterproof, making it convenient for moisture-prone areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and cellars.

While hybrid flooring doesn’t require underlay, it can improve its performance, provide further comfort underfoot, and assist with noise reduction.

Yes, hybrid flooring can be laid over tiles while the tiles are in good condition, clean, and level. Yet, following proper installation procedures is essential to ensure the best results.

While hybrid flooring shares some similarities with vinyl flooring, it typically contains a rigid core layer, which sets it apart from traditional vinyl flooring.

Hybrid flooring is developed to be dimensionally sturdy, meaning it’s less prone to expansion and contraction than other flooring styles. Appropriate acclimatisation and installation can minimise any potential expansion problems.

Hybrid flooring is familiar for its stillness underfoot due to its dense construction and frequently comes with built-in sound-absorbing characteristics. However, proper installation and underlayment can further lower noise levels.

Most installations may not require expansion joints for hybrid flooring due to their resilience and resistance to expansion and contraction. Nonetheless, it’s essential to follow manufacturer recommendations and assess environmental factors.

While hybrid flooring is typically more scratch-resistant than hardwood flooring, it can still be sensitive to scratches from weighty furniture or sharp objects. Picking a high-quality wear layer and exercising proper maintenance can help reduce scratching.

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