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Welcome to Over And Above Flooring, where we bring you the latest and trendiest hybrid, vinyl and timber solutions for your home. Your home reflects your style, and what better way to express it than through the timeless beauty of our wide range of flooring? Our team is dedicated to providing you with top-notch flooring options that seamlessly blend with the latest trends in home decor.

Every homeowner deserves a space that meets their functional needs and captivates with its design. Our flooring solutions are designed to elevate your living spaces, creating an ambience that resonates with your personality and lifestyle.

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Beyond the Boards: Our Vision and Values

Our vision extends beyond the boards; it encompasses a commitment to values that shape every aspect of Over And Above Flooring. Explore the principles that guide us, from design inspiration to customer satisfaction, and see how our vision creates a foundation for excellence.

Young men, old school values

The Atkins brothers. We have lived our lives filled with renovation therefore fine craftsmanship is something we value highly. Partnering the grit of the trade with the values to contrast. We care!

Our team is full of skill and equipped with the knowledge to tackle any task. We have the trade versatility to make sure our work is executed in a seamless manner, from the get go to the goodbye.

Join us on the journey where surfaces transform into experiences, floors are elevated and values go beyond the boards. Welcome to a world where excellence is a lifestyle choice.

An honest mission from an honest few

We are on a mission to eliminate the middleman of the flooring industry. At Over & Above, we want to be responsible for all aspects of our work and only install products we trust.

Our goal is to be with you from start to finish and be a part of every process, making sure our clients are happy not just for the moment but for the long run, ensuring longevity of our business, your floor & one day being one of the household names in the industry.

Why choose over and above flooring?

We’re a one stop shop! The man who runs the show is the man who lays the floor. We aren’t restricted by a contractor’s promise of luxury products, who rely on our expertise to fly them below the radar. No one can know what we know, not without the toil of the trade.

The beauty of going direct with a company that supplies and installs without the middlemen, is if we lay a product that doesn’t hold to its merit we have to fix it. Our warranty is our promise and that promise is true. See our work online with frequent updates on our social media to show you the beautiful work we do and the pride we take in doing it.

What We Offer

Discover a world of possibilities with Over And Above Flooring. Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

Have you seen the New Floor?

The New Floor awaits, ready to redefine the way you perceive and experience your living spaces.

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